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Mella, Unique and Different

Mella thermometers use the latest sensor technology and a machine learning model to safely and accurately measure temperature from the axillary region. Real time temperature curves are processed with patient characteristics to predict internal temperature within 0.5 degrees C, or as accurate as an FDA-cleared human thermometer. Each reading is unique to the patient to provide the highest accuracy possible.

Precision Sensors

Mella’s three state-of-the-art temperature sensors create a composite reading that surpasses a conventional thermometer’s single sensor. Two sensors are located in the axillary probe attachment and the third sensor near the bottom of the base senses ambient room temperature. Mella thermometers operate best at a room temperature no higher than 27 °C (81° F).

Machine Learning Model

The Mella temperature machine learning model utilizes state of the art AI techniques to create an accurate prediction of the pet’s temperature. Millions of pet records with temperature data from Banfield Pet Hospital were analyzed and provided the initial dataset for the machine model. Internal live animal trials using mercury thermometers alongside Mella produced data to further build the model. Clinical trials with veterinary hospitals and teaching institutions provide a means of data validation and fine tuning of the model to continuously narrow the error margin.

For more information on the machine learning model, here is a link for the breakdown of our Machine Learning White Paper.


Integrated for Ease of Use

Using bluetooth connectivity, mella thermometers can send temperature readings to your desktop or smartphone. The Mella app records the temperature value, date, and time for each patient every time.

Have EzyVet or Vetspire? 

Temperature readings are automatically uploaded into new patient exams or can overwrite open exams. There is no more need to remember temperatures and manually input them before forgetting.

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Minimal Contact

Mella is creating the new gold standard by providing the least fear inducing and accurate way to assess patient vitals. Pet specific thermometers are rare on the market, and no other offers an axillary attachment let alone one as accurate as normal rectal thermometers.

Ready for the future? Get your Mella Thermometer now.

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