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Mella Pet Care has announced the release of its new Super Desktop App, designed to revolutionize the way veterinary practices integrate with their practice management systems (PiMS). Without needing to re-invent their workflow, veterinarians can integrate their existing PiMS with a Mella Pet Care product, such as the Mella Pro Thermometer or the Biggie Scale to speed up the collection of vital signs with brand new technology!

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How can I use Mella in my practice?

Download the Mella desktop app and create an account. If you are a customer of one of our direct PiMS partners, it will ask you to put in your API key to be able to communicate with your PiMS installation. If you do not know your API key, Mella will help you restore your credentials.

How do I communicate this to my clients?

Feel free to communicate the direct integration to your clients via the AllyDVM communication channel, email list, or social media.

How do I use Mella on cats
and dogs?


1. Attach the axillary probe to the thermometer body

2. Click the thermometer button once to turn it on and pair to your device via Bluetooth

3. Place the probe parallel to the leg into the armpit of the pet

4. Click the button again to start measuring - this should take 10-15 seconds!

5. See your final temperature reading on the digital screen and app

How much time will this really save me?

By adopting the best practice of sending the axillary temperature reading directly to the patient exam record for that patient in your PiMS, it should save you up to five minutes per pet. The Mella Pro is comfortable and safe to administer by one person.


Have any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at

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