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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hello! My name is Fatou and I am a second year at the University of Chicago majoring in Economics. I am Senegalese, born and raised, and moved to Chicago a little over a year ago from the Netherlands.

My early years of high school revolved a lot around project-based study programs which enabled me to broaden my knowledge of entrepreneurship and project building. My experience in Maastricht, a beautiful city on the southern tip of the Netherlands, included both a focus on the growth of Poetae Lucis Media (a student-led media organization) and volunteering at an animal shelter.

Being a co-manager for Poetae Lucis Media meant finding ways to promote our organization and multiple tools that we used included strong marketing strategies. We were able to grow over those two years and together, loved every second of it! 

The Mission at Mella Pet Care reminds me of my volunteer time at the animal shelter. Never having owned pets myself, this was a hands on experience as to the work that goes on for veterinarians and pet owners to take care and love their pets. This therefore includes an ongoing effort to improve their living standards and everyday comfort.

As a Growth Hacker at Mella, I am looking to apply my Marketing experience acquired over the years and bring awareness to Pet Parents everywhere as to the benefits an innovative and unique product such as Mella Pro can bring into their pet’s lives!

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