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Why Temperature Is Important - Post-Operative Monitoring

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Unfortunately, chances are your pet might need a surgery in its lifetime. Whether,a routine spay or neuter or a more invasive procedure, there always is postoperative care. Just like humans, special care after a surgery ensures a quick and speedy recovery so it can get back to normal. Your veterinarian will have more details on how to help your pet after surgery but an important aspect is monitoring your pet. As a great pet owner you are, you will know if his behavior changes. However, will you know if your pet is running a fever? Mella provides an easy solution to monitor your pets temperature post-operation. This can provide crucial information to you as a pet owner, as well as the veterinarian overseeing your pet.

Why would you monitor your pets temperature post operation? To begin, your veterinarian will be monitoring your pets temperature before surgery, during and after. Temperature is an important value measured and controlled in operation. Wouldn't you want to keep monitoring for your pets' health? Temperature changes at home could be indicative of more serious problems for your pet. These could include infection, complications from surgery, adverse reactions to pharmacological agents given. These temperature values will allow you to make sure your pet receives any additional care they may need. Some postoperative medications can also cause elevations in temperature; yet another great reason to continue monitoring at home.

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