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Mella Home Pet Thermometer

Mella Home Thermometer

  • Retail at $59

  • Axillary (underarm) only

  • Mobile app for historical data tracking

Mella Pro Thermometer

Pet health care professional
  • Retail at $159

  • Axillary (underarm), aural (ear). and rectal probes

  • Mobile + Desktop workflow apps for historical data tracking

Mella Pro Pet Thermometer

Charlie Chip Reader

  • Universal chip reader for easy pet identification

  • Paperless keyboard-free experiencce

Why Mella?

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Foster parents can now monitor the health of their foster pets in a non-invasive way, using the device's axillary method. This eliminates the need for frequent inquiries and calls to the veterinarians throughout the foster process.

Empower shelter volunteers to take precise temperature readings, enhancing the overall quality of care provided to shelter animals.


Speeds up the process of getting temperatures taken pre and post-op for spay and neuter surgeries.


"One of the key benefits of the Mella device was that it can be used by non-veterinarians, which is crucial in a shelter setting where many volunteers help out. Additionally, due to the shortage of vets in the pet healthcare system, having a thermometer that volunteers can use use accurately is particularly important."

- Tom Van Winkle

(Executive Director at Association of Shelter Veterinarians, Former CEO Hinsdale Animal Society)

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