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Our founding team has over a decade experience building innovative medical devices. In 2015, we created a pulse oximeter and an infrared thermometer for babies. Growing up on a farm with a love for animals made me realize that pet parents and vets need greater access to health tracking tools. The namesake of our company, my rescue dog, Mella, developed a bad case of kennel cough.


She first started showing subtle symptoms, and I couldn’t tell if they were serious enough to call the vet. At the time, I could only use my observations and judgement to make the call. She was lethargic, not eating, not drinking, and then the cough started, after which she almost died.


Having a thermometer would have helped me rule out potential symptoms and could have saved both Mella and me from the fear and uncertainty surrounding her condition. Mella absolutely hated going to the vet and getting her rectal temperature taken. I wondered why there still wasn’t a fear-free way of taking our pet’s temperature. I gathered our team and set out on our new adventure - Mella Pet Care: an ecosystem of technology products that will make monitoring our pets’ health better and easier for all.

Mella's Founders


Anya Babbitt & Mella


Anya Babbitt’s shih tzu mix, Mella, is the company’s namesake. As an entrepreneur, Babbitt has built and exited multiple startups across industries and her work has been recognized by the United Nations, Techcrunch & more. Babbitt’s specialty is strategic partnerships, deal closing, and team building.

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Yale Zhang & Possum


A serial entrepreneur with over a 15 years of experience in building healthcare hardware monitoring devices, Yale Zhang specializes in bringing innovations from idea to commercialization. Zhang is passionate about creating greater healthcare access across the world.

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Ben Seidman & Biggie


A student of entrepreneurship at Michigan and startup veteran, Ben Seidman loves building and collaborating with his team to solve problems that provide meaningful impact. Seidman’s puppy, Biggie, is the namesake for Mella's second product. Seidman is resourceful, a door opener, and a team player.

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