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Sarah Julian

City: Mount Holly

For both Emme and Louie, it took just one look at a photo for us to know they were supposed to be part of our family. Both rescues, they have endearing personalities, strong opinions and big hearts. They share their home with two cats and two boys, so there's never a dull moment for these pups.



Parent: Aaron K.

City: Ann Arbor

Mr. Kitty and Butter were adopted as pandemic kitties and they have become the best of friends! They are a continual source of light and joy to our household and the greatest distraction anyone could ask for.



Parent: Tracey S

City: Chicago

My two dogs, Oliver + Lucy, passed away in a relatively short period of time between the end of 2012 and early 2013. I was devastated. I knew I wasn’t ready to adopt a new dog, so I decided to foster kittens from PAWS. I was certain I wasn’t a “cat person” so was not at all concerned about the possibility of adopting them. Well, the first night I got Wyatt + Gray home, I knew I was in big, big trouble as I instantly fell in love with them. They are brothers and only the two of them had been dropped off at ACC. They were very sick when they got to PAWS and had upper respiratory infections, hence the need for a foster. I never knew how wonderful cats could be and the saying, “You don’t know you’re a cat person until you have a cat,” is very true. Almost eight years later, they still make me laugh every single day and I’m so grateful to have them in my life. I wear the ‘foster failure’ title very proudly.

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Parent: Cesar

City: Barcelona



Parent: Collette Bunton

City: San Jose

Donovan was brought back to the shelter twice before he found his family, and when he found his family he became their hero. Besides being his owner's emotional support animal helping with PTSD, he also protected and then work up his owner after his owner passed out from a heart attack. He is largely retired now, hanging out on the couch unless he sees a squirrel and then he off to protect the house from the pests. At the age of 13, he caught is 61st and will undoubtedly catch more in 2021.



Parent: Abbie H

City: Vista, CA

We weren’t looking for a dog, and we got an alert that a breeder had puppies... we went to look and immediately fell in love with the loner in the back of the litter! He has been an absolute joy, and he is super snuggly.


quicksilver & nollie

Parent: Charlotte H

City: Chicago

Opposites attract with this cute pair Quiksilver and Nollie. They are brothers from another mother and the two kindest souls you will ever meet. Both now seniors and both having to adjust to changes (Quiksilver with his kitty cancer and Nollie with his blindness) but this hasn’t stopped them from living their best life. Quiksilver loves his naps, still tries to eat Nollie’s hay, and is the best door greeter. Nollie continues to be the best veggie disposal ever and the most patient brother putting up with Quiksilver’s shenanigans.



Parent: Meg B

City: Houston

Maizy has been queen of our hearts and home for many years. She expects to be prominently featured on zoom calls, to receive belly rubs on demand, and to be feed at all hours. It was a few months into lockdown when we realized that her increasingly frequent demands for food were not your classic quarantine snacking boredom since she wasn't gaining weight like the rest of us! We learned she has hyperthyroidism and now with some medicine she's back on track to be her fluffy, lovable self.



Parent: Danielle Sheerin



Parent: Amanda S

City: Johns Island

I adopted Minnie from a local rescue near Charleston, SC. She truly is my best friend and I believe “who rescued who” is so true!! She is my favorite travel buddy, we love going on adventures together. Minnie makes everyone around her happy with her personality and smile!

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Don and Julio HOF.png

don and julio

Parent: Omar D.

City: Chicago

Don loves bacon, peanut butter, and any food item except vegetables. He cares for and loves his baby brother Julio, who is the newest member to our family. Julio loves to cuddle, snore, and bother his big brother. Don and Julio love their Jolly ball as well as being taste testers to all the new food dishes I make. Did I plan their names? No. But it’s fitting for the boys I love and my drink of choice.


stormy & Sailor

Parent: Blaire B

City: Shelter Island

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Parent: Brook Jordan

City: San Mateo

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When we adopted Tanner, it became apparent that he had some health issues. He was also very shy, and it seemed like he had some bad experiences with people in his past. As Tanner began opening up to us, and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis, we began getting a handle on how to make him feel secure and loved in his new home. Tanner is now a happy, healthy little boy who loves snacking on baby carrots.


philip & toro

Parent: Alexis

City: Atlanta

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Toro was actually found in a parking lot as a kitten on Christmas day. My parents didn’t want to keep him so we gave them to our neighbors and a few days later they told us that they lost him. About 1year later he showed up back at our house and he's been with us since then. It's been about 12yrs now.

Bailey, Puerto and Rico - Marc Hudson_HO

bailey, Puerto, and rico

Parent: Marc Hudson
City: Detroit

Puerto and Rico were adopted as stray puppies from a remote area of Puerto Rico. They were brought back to Detroit where they met their new big sister Bailey and have lived happily ever since, much to the chagrin of the local squirrel population.


mister mustache tuxedo

Parent: Mary Chestak

City: New York

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clark, griswold, connor, & chelsea

Parent: Adam Christman, DVM

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Parent: Ashley



Parent: Lisa B

City: Dublin

Bruder's claim to fame is being the most excited and vocal pup on our group hikes. He has been known to sing his hound song and wag his tail for up to 5 miles. He loves to hit the trials especially with his 4 legged friends.



Parent: Damian Zaccaria

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Aside from taking immense pride in his (self proclaimed) role of Philadelphia's Neighborhood Watch, Queso has also mastered the art of lazy playing. He will wait in the middle of a room for his sister Ponzu to run back with a toy instead of chasing her, and if I am his play partner then he just goes right for my Achilles. Savage.

Milo & OdysHOF.png


Parent: Jess

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Odys is the kind of dog who jumps in the bath with you, jumps off the kayak into the river, and pops all your birthday balloons. Milo is often silently judging you (but he has no poker face) & always better dressed than you. Total opposites who had to have 2 different cakes at their birthday party.



Parent: Karina

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Freddie knows around 30 different words and commands, but his favorite word is “car!” He’s obsessed with car rides (even more so than treats).