I didn’t know I needed a pet thermometer. Why is this important to have?

Unfortunately, pets can’t talk to us, so when they do start showing us obvious signs that something is wrong, it’s often too late to help. The Mella Home allows pet parents to have another way of checking their pets health other than just subjective observations. Human parents know the importance of having a thermometer at home for their babies, and the same should go for our fur babies.

Will Mella work with my phone?

It works with any iphone or Android.

How accurate is Mella?

Check out our How it Works section.

How fast does Mella Home take to read?

About 8-10 seconds, faster than most human thermometers

What does an elevated temperature indicate?

An elevated temperature can indicate a multitude of things, including illness, infection, pain, overheating, and more. Almost all of which require attention.

What is the normal temperature for a dog or cat?

The normal temperature range for both dogs and cats is 100.5 - 102.5°F

Can Mella Home send readings directly to my veterinarian?

Yes. Once the temperature is taken, the app will give you an option to send the reading directly to your veterinarian’s computer.

How easy is it to use Mella Home?

Very easy! Just go to the app, hit ready to measure, and place it in the crevice where the front or hind leg meets their body. No need to apply additional pressure and wait about 10 seconds until the app tells you the reading is complete. Watch this video for more.

Can I prevent a fever in my pet?

It depends. If the fever is due to an underlying illness or condition the fever is just a symptom of that. If you catch the fever early enough though, you could potentially prevent the illness from progressing by contacting your veterinarian once you detect it. You can also prevent your pet from overheating by practicing safe exercise. Remember to exercise in the mornings or evenings on hot days when the temperature is 75 or lower. Never leave your pets in a parked car. And keep Mella on hand to monitor their temperature throughout the day.

What are the signs of a heatstroke?

If you for any reason think your animal may be suffering a heat stroke contact your vet immediately. The symptoms can be anything from excessive panting, thirst and lethargy to vomiting and seizures. Sometimes the symptoms can be very subtle so it’s important to have Mella Home to help you get more information from your pet.

How can I tell if something is serious enough to go to the vet or not?

Mella Home is a great way for pet parents to keep track of their pet’s health and give an indication on their current status. However, it should not be used as the sole determinant on whether an animal needs to see a veterinarian or not. If you have concerns about your pet’s current health status it’s always best to call your veterinarian for advice.

What factors can affect my pet’s temperature?

There are many variables that can contribute to temperature. Some include stress, excitability, exercise, environmental temperature, illness, breed, and size.

Why can’t I just use a thermometer from a convenience store?

Because a regular thermometer made for humans will give you an inacurrate reading. Pets are different that humans in that they have fur and other physiological differences are what Mella accounts for to give you an accurate reading.



Why do I need Mella Pro when I haven’t had a problem with rectal thermometers before?

Because we all know that temperature taking is the least favorite part of the veterinary exam for everyone in the room. Mella Pro not only upgrades the hardware and technology of the conventional rectal thermometer to be more efficient and reliable, it upgrades the entire experience that comes with it. So your technicians, patients and pet parents will thank you.

Will Mella Pro work with my current software?

Mella works with any cloud-based software including Vetspire, etc.

How long does each measurement option take to read?

  • Rectal: 3-4 seconds
  • Ear: 2.5 seconds
  • Axillary: 8-10 seconds

Does Mella send readings automatically to my computer?

Yes! Just press the button on the Mella thermometer and it will take a temperature and send it to your computer in a matter of seconds.

How sturdy is Mella Pro?

Mella Pro is built to last and be as versatile as the veterinarian using it. So far we haven’t had a single prototype damaged or broken.

How long is the battery life?

Mella Pro lasts for up to 50 uses at a time and only takes 30 seconds to fully re-charge on it’s wireless platform.