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Pet obesity is one of the most common disease shortening pet longevity today. The Biggie Body Condition Scale allows you to take an innovative approach to monitoring your pets' wellbeing by calculating (1) weight (2) body fat percentage and (3) body condition score.


How does Biggie work?

  • Measure and Analyze: Place your pet on the Biggie scale to calculate weight, body fat percentage, and body condition score (BCS). Use Tabby to take your pet's morphometric for a more accurate BCS.
  • Track Results: Seamless integration with useful data tracking, pet profiles, and workflow tools
  • Share Results: Results are shared directly between veterinarian and pet parent.


Biggie Features

  • Integrated with any patient management system (PiMS)

  • Smart pads available for additional exams

  • Works alongside the Tabby Tape Measure

  • Includes a non-slip mat for body fat analysis and body condition score calculation

  • Has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities

  • Holds cats and dogs up to 65 lbs

  • Measures 12x24 inches


The Mella Health App

Track your pets' health with the Mella Health App and share results directly with your vet. The app guides you through weighing your pet. 


Biggie Pro Body Scale

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Tracks weight AND body condition score (BCS) and body fat percentage

    • Includes a non-slip mat for BCS calculation 

    • Has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities

    • Connects to a mobile app on Android or iPhone

    • Track your pet’s progress overtime via the Mella Health app

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