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Includes the Mella mobile app, which pairs the device with a mobile phone. By bringing the device to the foreleg or hindleg, Mella tracks accurate axillary temperature. The device takes the body temperature and displays the result within approximately 10-15 seconds. The Mella Home version sends data automatically recorded on the smartphone and can be exported and sent to the vet, or shown to the vet in real-time.


Temperature range —> 35-45 celsius or 95-113 Fahrenheit

Works best on iOS 13 and Android 9 or later


How Does Mella Work?

  1. Measure: Quick, non-invasive placement under the arm + bluetooth connectivity to any connected device
  2. Track Results: Seamless integration with useful data tracking, pet profiles, and workflow tools
  3. Share Results: Results sent directly to your veterinarian.


Why do I need Mella?

Just like you have a thermometer for your human baby, your furry baby needs one as well. It acts as a first line of defense since a fever is an indication of a further health problem. Finding your pet’s temperature normal means a lot of time and money can be saved by not going to the vet!

Mella Home Pet Thermometer

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Mella Home Pet Thermometer
    • Mella Mobile App
    • Charging Cable
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