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Mac Desktop App
Instructional Guide

Introduction & Instructions to complete this guide

This instructional guide will help the user to download the Mella super app on their desktops, set up their account, link their accounts to their PMS, schedule appointments, and take consecutive measurements from different Mella devices. 


Downloading the Desktop app

Download the Desktop Beta App

Coming soon to the Mac App Store

Mella Health App Icon
Downloading the Destop App
Installing The App

Installing the app

Pet Health App

Currently we release packages like the ones shown here. Please reach out to to get the latest version.

Pet Health App

After downloading the dmg setup file, refer to the screenshot below and move the Mella super app to the applications folder

Mella Health App

After moving the file to the applications folder, open the app. It looks like the below screenshot

Sign Up

Step 1: If you have a practice management system (PMS), choose your PMS from the list. If you do not see your PMS listed, please click “Contact us”.

Step 2: Enter your API key 

Step 3: Select location and vet and then verify your organization information. You’re all set!

Practice Management System

Connect with Practice Management System

Sign Up With PMS

Sign Up

Connect without Practice Management System

Step 1: Enter the details as given below

Step 2: Verify your email by entering the code from the email that we have sent to you 

Step 3: Enter verification code from your text

Step 4: Join your organization by selecting it from the list or create an organization if it is not listed. You can skip this step if you do not want to join your organization or create a new one now.

Step 5: Finish creating your profile

Signing Up

Sign In

Enter the username and password that was created during the sign up process or select your Practice Management System and connect with it.

Pet App
Signing In

Schedule appointments

Step 1: Open drop down menu and click on “Scheduled Patients”

Step 2: Select “Add Appointment” on the top 

Step 3: Enter the details as given below and click “Save”. Your new appointment is scheduled! You can see it in “Scheduled Patients” page

Schedule Appointments

Pair your Thermometer

Step 1: Select Mella Pro Thermometer or it may show up once detected by the application

Step 2: Connect your thermometer to the app

Please note that this is bluetooth enabled connection and bluetooth should be turned on at all times to pair devices and take measurement

Desktop App
Pair Your Thermometer

Insert the base

Insert the base as directed on the screen to your computer. You may need an adaptor for the latest mac hardware.

Pet Health App
Inserting Your Base

Walk In Patient

Step 1: Click the "Walk-In" button

Step 2: Select the pet type 

Step 3: Once the base is inserted you can place the Mella Pro Thermometer as depicted in the figure

Pet Health App
Walk-In Patients

Taking measurement

Step 1: Place the thermometer under the foreleg with legs enclosing the thermometer between the body.

Step 2: Press the measure button on the thermometer 

Step 3: The application starts showing that the measurement is underway

Taking Measurements

Measurement Results and History

Once the thermometer stops measurement, the screen will show measurement results and indicate whether the temperature is normal or not.

To view the history of measurement, please click on “History” at the bottom of the screen (see the picture) and scroll down to view all measurement results.

Results and History

Low Battery on Mella Thermometer

If the thermometer battery is low, please place it on the charging base for 5 minutes until fully charged. 

Note: please do NOT store Mella thermometer in the charging base since it will burn the thermometer body.

Thermometer App
Low Battery On Mella

Select a pet to view a pet profile

To view the pet profile, click on the pet name on the drop down menu located on the left. 

You will be able to see pet information, edit the pet profile, view temperature history and export it (see the picture).

Pet Health App

Select a pet to view a pet profile

Viewing Pet Profiles

Need more help?

Check out the step by step guide or contact for more help.

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