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A Mella Podcast Milestone

We started the Mella Moment Pet Health Podcast as a space for everyone in the pet industry to share their insights, regardless of their background or experience. We had fantastic storytellers exhibit new inventions for pets, distill complicated medical paths, and even share their experiences as first-time pet parents.

We are excited to announce that we launched our new branding on episode 100. We are evolving the podcast into a clearer niche, helping to solve an interaction critical to pet health: the vet-client relationship.

We are now refining our voice and mission to become more veterinary-focused, as we aim to be the go-to educational podcast for all things pet health as told by reputable professionals. That being said, we are so grateful to all of our previous guests for sharing their stories on our podcast.

This podcast is meant for you, a pet parent, to learn from veterinary professionals without having to spend time and energy on an exam visit. Learn about fascinating new innovations, get answers to frequently asked questions, and become a more well-rounded pet parent by hearing differing perspectives. And if you are a veterinarian, it’ll also be worth a listen to absorb from fellow peers.

At Mella Pet Care, we are taking on this mission as we are bridging the gap between pet parents and veterinarians with our connected devices. We have never been a promotional podcast, but we cannot ignore that our non-invasive products are comfortable for pets, empower pet parents at home, and help vets do their jobs faster and easier. With the ability for pet parents to send data directly to their veterinarians, our company makes sure that no vital sign information goes without collecting.

In this day and age of advancing technology, it is important to remember that Google is not a replacement for a veterinarian. On the other hand, problems with affordability and accessibility are making it more and more difficult for pet parents to get care for their pets and for vets to make time for new clients. Therefore, from the comfort of your own home, please enjoy tips and tricks from wonderful veterinary professionals who have given their free time to be on this show.


The Pet Vet Exchange: A Podcast By Mella

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