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Check out the latest Mella updates! ⚙️

Hey, Mella Community!

We’ve made improvements to the performance of the Mella Pro Thermometer and would like to make sure that you have the latest hardware updates. Within the Mella app, click the ‘sync’ symbol under the thermometer on the left to update the hardware and the symbol on the right under the version number to update the software.

What does this update do? The updates will recalibrate the ear sensor as well as the axillary sensor for greater accuracy!

Quick Start

Back by popular demand, you can quickly connect the thermometer to take temperatures without logging in!

  1. Open your Mella app and select 'Quick Start'

  2. Place the thermometer on your pet at the axillary position

  3. Turn the device on and take a measurement after the thermometer is seated

  4. Let the measurement complete, and it should give you two icons - a cat and a dog - with separate predictions for both species. We have noticed that referencing the cat temperature may be helpful for small and medium dogs. We are addressing this accuracy issue as we continue to gather more data from our clinical partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ear covers can I use?

  • Any standard ear probe covers are compatible with Mella ear tips

How can I switch from C to F?

  • Open the app, then go to Profile > Settings, where you should see a toggle between the two.

We will continue to improve accuracy with ongoing trials at the University of Georgia, Cal Poly Pomona, and PETstock.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Update first released on February 3.

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