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Establishing a Baseline Temperature For Your Pet

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

If I were to ask you what your pet’s normal temperature is, would you know how to answer? Our feline and canine friends are amazing creatures who come in all shapes and sizes. Not only do they look different, but they also have different baseline temperatures. Knowing your pet’s baseline temperature is important in determining abnormalities and the overall health of your pet.

Your veterinarian may take your pet’s temperature at the yearly check-ups, but does that truly tell you its baseline temperature? Not necessarily. There are many variables in any instance that can have an influence on your pet’s temperature. The current weather, the stress and the excitement your pet feels are some of the variables that influence their core temperature. It therefore can be difficult to know if your pet’s temperature is abnormal when it only gets checked yearly at the vet clinic.

Mella allows pet owners to establish a baseline and know what is normal. However, it is just as important to know when things are abnormal. Mella allows for accurate readings and recordable data in a user friendly app, as well as a non-invasive method for obtaining measurements. All of these features allow pet owners to help take better care of their furry friend. When you have an established baseline and can detect abnormalities in your pet’s temperature, it will help you know when to seek medical help. At Mella Pet Care, it is our goal to promote the wellness of all pets, and we hope we can assist you in the health of your animals.

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