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Introducing the Mella Pet Care Wellness Ecosystem: A Comprehensive Solution for Home and Vet Clinics

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

When you hear “Mella Pet Care” you probably think about our axillary Mella thermometer. But did you know that we offer a whole ecosystem of connected wellness products to make monitoring your pets’ health better and easier for all? Meet the seven products that make up the ecosystem:

Mella Pro Thermometer We created our groundbreaking underarm and Fear Free Preferred thermometer to address the current uncomfortable workflow of taking a pet’s temperature rectally at the clinic. The Mella Pro for veterinary professionals was co-created with veterinarians, and validated in a series of clinical trials with partners such as Banfield Pet Hospital, University of Georgia, and Cal Poly Pomona, giving our thermometer an accuracy of plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celsius from rectal temperature.

In just 15 seconds, you can measure a pet’s temperature accurately under the foreleg or hindleg. All of our devices pair via Bluetooth to our mobile and desktop app, enabling the ability to track historical vital signs data and send all necessary information directly to your patient management system. The Pro version of the thermometer comes with three probes: axillary, rectal, and ear, and is available to purchase now.

Mella Home Thermometer

After addressing one of the biggest pain points in veterinary medicine, we created the Mella Home, the pet parent version of our groundbreaking thermometer. With the influx of telehealth companies over the past few years, we have seen how vital home monitoring is, so pet parents can finally read and track their own pet’s temperature and enable more effective telehealth visits. Just like you would have a thermometer for your human baby, it’s finally time to have one for your furry baby. It’s a first line of defense before heading to the vet and is available for purchase now. Biggie Body Composition Scale

Our third product, the Biggie Body Condition Scale, addresses the most common disease shortening pet longevity today: obesity. Available to pre-order now, the Biggie Scale allows you to take an innovative approach to monitoring your pets' well-being. Similar to the Mella thermometers, it sends data in real-time to your phone or computer. The impedance pads on the Biggie Scale elevate the overall experience by adding a quantitative body condition score and percentage of body fat. We are finally moving past the days of qualitative data and improving the difficult conversation about weight. Tabby Tape Measure

Our Tabby Tape Measure is a complementary addition to the Biggie Scale kit, also available to pre-order. The digitally connected tape measure pairs via Bluetooth to your pet’s record. With one click of a button, you can skip to the next required measurement without the need to take out paper and pencil. Fewer hands needed to write down data means more hands to take care of your patients. Measure the morphometrics of your pet for an accurate body condition score.

Mabel Smart Bowl Scale

Designed for the home, our Mabel Smart Bowl Scale is a mat that is able to turn your pet’s bowl into a smart bowl. This thin scale slides under your pet’s favorite bowl to track nutrition intake via food weight fluctuations and specific nutritional facts inputted into the Mella App. Use the Mabel to monitor your pet’s dietary habits and use the app for specialty and prescription diet support. Expected to release in Q4 2023. Possum Pulse Oximeter

The Possum Pulse Oximeter is an innovative method to measure a pet’s heart rate, respiration, and oxygen saturation, all in a velcro strap wrapped around the hindleg. Seems too good to be true? Also see the results automatically in the patient management system. Expected to release in Q4 2023. Charlie Chip Reader

Our final product entering the ecosystem is Charlie, a universal chip reader for easy pet identification and a paperless, keyboard-free experience. Connect your patient management system for an automatic check-in process, saving your reception staff the need to sort through hundreds of pet records. Expected to release in Q2 2023.

We are so excited to announce our ecosystem of health and wellness tools that create a better experience for our pets, allow vets to do their jobs faster and easier, and empower pet parents to take better control of their pet’s health.

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