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Mella Pet Care Integration Opportunities

Here at Mella Pet Care, we don’t believe in closed ecosystems, so we've created a Software Development Toolkit (SDK) for anyone to connect to the Mella hardware and take temperature measurements directly for their own apps.

We're now open to beta test organizations that are interested in making Mella a part of their platform!

Why should YOU integrate with Mella?

  • Reduce customer onboarding time by working within apps and platforms you already use!

  • Take an axillary temperature with Mella and automatically sync to PMS in a total time of 10 seconds - 1 minute (a total of 30 pets a day saves 1-2 hours)

  • When you want to take a temperature, all you need to do is open your PMS, treatment sheet, or tele health app and it can connect to Mella directly

  • No need to sign up for a separate app or switch between screens

  • Do everything in one workflow

Above: Mella being used within another app.

How does this work?

Mella needs the following data from your PMS: unique ID, breed, weight, gender, age, status of neutering. In return, Mella provides temperature, type (axillary, rectal, infrared), and date/time.

There are two ways to integrate Mella:

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