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Mella and PETstock Join Forces to Distribute to Veterinarians and Pet Parents Across Australasia

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Mella Makes Its Way to the Land Down Under

We're excited to share that Mella products are now available for purchase in Australasia thanks to our partnership with PETstock, an Australian-owned and operated pet care company with close to 300 retail stores and vet clinics in Australia & New Zealand.

Check out our feature on the PETstock home page!

"The Mella Home allows pet owners to measure their pet's temperature confidently & accurately at home, by placing the thermometer under the animal's foreleg/forearm," says Dr. Sasha Nefedova BVSc MRCVS, one of PETstocks' resident veterinarians. "Rectal thermometers can severely stress certain pets, so this is a game changer!" Pet parents in the Land Down Under now have access to the world's first underarm pet thermometer, otherwise known as our Mella Home device, and will soon have access to the next product in the Mella Pet Care Home Wellness Ecosystem, the Biggie Body Composition Scale. Head to the PETstock website to place an order online or visit one of the many PETstock retail store locations to pick up what will be your new favorite PETstock Vet endorsed product! For instructions on how to use your Mella Home or Pro device, check out the PETstock-produced onboarding videos. ⬇️

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