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Mella’s Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

Welcome to the Mella 2023 Holiday Gift Guide! We've scoured the market to bring you a curated selection of innovative and thoughtful gifts for the pet enthusiasts in your life. Make this holiday season extra special for both pets and their devoted owners with these fantastic finds.

  1. Bark Balls - Created with love for fetch enthusiasts, Bark Balls offers an eco-friendly twist to the classic game of fetch. Crafted from repurposed tennis balls collected from local tennis centers, Bark Balls provide endless entertainment for your pup and contribute to reducing waste and caring for the environment. Give the gift of sustainability and playfulness with Bark Balls and check out founder Natalie Ball’s episode on our podcast.

  2. EpiPaws Pet Age Test - For those who've welcomed rescue pets into their homes, the EpiPaws Pet Age Test is a game-changer. Utilizing revolutionary epigenetic sequencing technology, this test accurately estimates your pet's age within one year. Armed with this knowledge, you can proactively care for your furry friend, receiving insights on nutrition, health monitoring, behavior, and lifestyle/safety. Give the gift of precision in pet care with EpiPaws and listen to CEO and Founder Andria Beal on her episode of The Pet Vet Exchange Podcast.

  3. Spleash - Ensure your furry companion stays hydrated and happy on the go with Spleash. This patented design attaches to any leash, providing a comfortable and functional water reservoir and bowl. Whether on a casual walk, a hike, or a beach run, Spleash keeps your pup hydrated and safe. Give the gift of convenience and hydration with Spleash.

  4. Maven - Maven brings peace of mind to pet parents while offering substantial savings on routine pet care and emergency consults. The Maven collar provides your Maven vet with intimate knowledge of your pet's past and present, allowing for comprehensive and personalized care. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to proactive pet health management with the Maven Collar and check out Dr. Joana Babo from Maven on our podcast where she discusses early-stage illness detection.

  5. Paul’s Custom Pet Food - Treat your pet to the highest quality, fresh, and handmade food with Paul’s Custom Pet Food. Prepared in small batches and overseen by veterinarians, these nutritious meals cater to both the general and specialized dietary needs of companion animals. Give the gift of gourmet goodness with Paul’s Custom Pet Food and learn more about the inspiring story that led to the creation of the business on our podcast episode with Co-founder Lynn Felici-Gallant.

  6. DOGTV - Turn your pet's downtime into an enjoyable experience with DOGTV, the first channel designed specifically for canine audiences. Featuring relaxing videos and music, DOGTV is a 24/7 channel crafted to alleviate stress and anxiety in dogs. Elevate your pet's entertainment with the gift of DOGTV and learn more about the unique streaming service on our podcast episode with former SVP of Growth, Ameetess Dira.

  7. Mella Thermometer - Last, but certainly not least, on our list is our very own Mella Thermometer. This axillary thermometer makes taking your pet’s temperature less of a pain in the butt (no pun intended) for both you and your pet.  

This holiday season, show the pet lovers in your life how much you care with these unique and thoughtful gifts. Happy shopping and may your celebrations be filled with joy, wagging tails, and plenty of furry cuddles!

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