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Mella Takes on VMX 2021

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Mella Pet Care had a blast exhibiting at the 2021 Veterinary Meeting and Expo (VMX) this month! VMX showcases the amazing products and services the pet industry’s leaders offer. The Mella team included co-founders Ben and Yale with student veterinary associates Nathan and Joe. In the "Startup Circle" Mella demonstrated our axillary thermometer live to conference attendees. In the crowd were veterinary professionals, hospital support staff, students, and other exhibitors.

The attendees were super excited that with our new technology, “ears and rears are out, and armpits are in.” The eye-catching slogan drew in many of the attendees. It was a delight to teach curious attendees about our device’s features and usability.

As excited as we were to educate our guests, we could see the excitement in them to learn more. Vets and technicians who stopped by held decades of experience working with animals. These professionals exclaimed that our device has been long awaited! Mella Pro's minimization of contact and reduction of fear amazed everyone! If that wasn't enough, the accuracy and speed of our product shocked attendees.

Mella Pet Care also had the honor to compete in the VMX 2021 Pet Pitch Competition where we placed as finalists! This competition is the "Shark Tank" of the veterinary world. Here, startups pitched their ideas to judges in short time and answered questions. Ben and Yale did a phenomenal job of leading the pitch and question session! They did so that traffic around the booth skyrocketed following the competition.

Joe said, "VMX 2021 served as an eye-opening experience into the pet industry. This experience went beyond general practice. Networking in the startup space is crucial to forming lasting, beneficial relationships."

It’s safe to say that VMX 2021 was a big success this summer! We are looking forward to doing it all over again at the next VMX in January 2022!

Gigantic exhibition hall that was half filled with booths of varying sizes, the rest was dining areas or empty, open space. No windows from the hall to outside. Everything was concrete except booth floors had thin carpeting. Some booths like ours only had a table, limited technology, some graphics, and people. Some were full on exhibits with moving displays, furniture, led backdrops, sounds, etc.

Light foot traffic all four days of people entering and exiting the hall as well as walking around all the booths. Soft radio played in the background. Not really any animals walking around. There was a constant chatter of people’s voices because everywhere you looked people were having conversations at or around booths.


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