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Submit Now: Mella Invites Telehealth Companies to Join!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023


At Mella Pet Care, we are building the future of veterinary care and pet care with digitally-connected health devices. We have taken lessons from human healthcare and applied them to pets, creating an ecosystem of health and wellness tools that create a better experience for our pets, and allow vets to do their jobs faster and easier.

Our breakthrough product is the Mella Pro – the first-ever pet thermometer to measure temperature accurately under the foreleg in seconds. In use in almost every state in the US and over one thousand clinics, this is a Fear Free way to check our pets’ most important vital sign.

Furthermore, to address pet obesity, our second product, the Biggie Body Condition Scale, is the first device to measure body composition, allowing vets to have easier conversations around weight topics with their clients. Combined with our tape measure, we have insight into the entire nutrition cycle, with the professional version currently in production.

In the coming months, we plan to launch two more products. The first is the Possum Pulse Oximeter, which wraps around the pet’s rear paw and measures oxygen saturation, heart rate, and respiration rate. The second, Charlie, is a connected universal chip reader that integrates with a number of chips and pet record systems to identify and check the pet in. Please see the following video by our CEO Anya about future products:


Health Monitoring in the Home = Improved Telehealth Experience

We believe that a pet parent with health and wellness devices in their home is a more engaged telehealth user. The ability to access data is a crucial part of any customer journey. With access to temperature, weight, and more quantitative vital signs, we believe Mella is an activating and motivating factor for telehealth activity. Having the data at home elevates the telehealth experience that is often purely qualitative and limited by a phone screen. We believe that the telehealth market opportunities include the following value propositions:

  • Counteract negative effects of Dr. Google's inaccurate recommendations

  • Promote engagement and communication with veterinarians

  • Expand beyond Mella Thermometer to additional remote monitoring solutions

  • Integrate with other in-home services such as mobile veterinarians, groomers, dog walkers, etc

Mission, Vision & Purpose

Our goal is to allow telehealth users, both pet parents and veterinarians, to share and access vital signs data. In doing so, we aim to help to fend off preventable illnesses and diseases before they worsen. Mella provides vital signs data that has never been captured before in a Fear Free Preferred manner. Telehealth companies are able to strengthen the collaboration between veterinarians and pet parents to allow for important conversations and diagnoses to occur. Our line of products for the home brings the same ease of use and access to all pet parents, empowering them with medical grade connected devices for the first time.

What Mella Provides

  • Reliable health and wellness devices for pet parents

  • An easy method to integrate with Mella through device SDKs that you can implement to connect our products directly within your app - no additional customer signup or data sharing needed!

Telehealth Partner Provides

  • Suggest the use of the Mella Thermometer, Biggie scale, and our other future products to users, both veterinarians and pet parents

  • Implement the Mella SDK within the telehealth platform to streamline the gathering of vital signs before, during, and after a telemedicine provider visit

Submitting a Proposal

If this type of collaboration is of interest to your company and you are interested in learning more, we’d love to hear from you and set up a call to dive deeper into aspects of technical integration, business partnership, and more. Please fill out the following form with the necessary information. It only takes a minute to get started!

Thank you for completing the form. We will follow up with you to set up a call and discuss a fit with our company.

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