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Improved Infection Testing with QSM Diagnostics and Mella Pet Care Integrated Platforms

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Improving Diagnoses and Treatment with first of its kind innovation

Chicago, Il, (November 2, 2022) — Mella Pet Care, an ecosystem of health monitoring solutions for veterinarians and pet parents, announced its integration with QSM Diagnostics, a medical device company that develops instruments and test kits for bacterial identification, resulting in faster recovery with targeted treatment. This collaboration will allow users to employ a singular platform to ease the adoption of new technologies into veterinary clinics.

All users of the Mella Desktop Application - which allows Mella customers to enjoy seamless integration with any Patient Management System on Mac and Windows – will now be able to operate the QSM Otter eQ instrument out of the box on their pre-existing platform, removing the necessity to run separate software. The Mella Application will guide users through the testing process to prevent errors. QSM users will automatically receive test results and store reports in their Patient Management System.

Mella, whose Mella Pro Smart Underarm Thermometers are in approximately 1,000 veterinary clinics worldwide, and QSM Diagnostics, are unveiling the addition of the QSM OTTER eQ instrument platform into the Mella Desktop Application. This test is improving antibiotic stewardship for veterinarians by increasing the accuracy of identifying bacterial infections.

“Veterinarians are busy and many we’ve spoken with don’t have the time to learn new technology”, said Anya Babbitt, co-founder and CEO of Mella Pet Care. “Streamlining one platform benefits both startups and veterinary professionals. Now, we’ve created the ability to send infection test results directly back into the patient record.”

Veterinarians are excited to use Mella and the QSM OTTER eQ. Alex Schechter, DVM, Founder of Burrwood Veterinary in Birmingham Michigan, said “In the current setting, veterinarians cannot identify the bacterial species present in a sample, leading to incorrectly prescribed antibiotics 20-25% of the time.”

“No pet parent wants to be part of the 20% that receive the wrong antibiotics. That’s one in five who must come back because their pet keeps getting worse due to an incorrect medication,” said Ed Goluch, Founder and CEO of QSM Diagnostics. With QSM’s faster bacterial detection and identification, veterinarians can prescribe targeted antibiotics for their patients.

For more information about both companies and their offerings, visit and Mella will be offering QSM products, as part of the strategic partnership, at

Review the Mella Press Kit for images, product shots, videos, and more. Join Mella and QSM on Tuesday, November 8th at 1pm CST for an exclusive webinar on the partnership.

About Mella Pet Care

Mella Pet Care, a Chicago-based startup, is building the future of pet care with an ecosystem of health monitoring solutions for veterinarians and pet parents, including the first-ever accurate axillary thermometer, a body fat analyzer, a chip reader, pulse ox, and more. Preventative tools are now accessible, allowing pets to live longer, happier lives. Mella has won 14 industry awards including the 2021 Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize and Mars’ 2022 Leap Venture Studio accelerator. Mella is accepting orders for both Mella Pro and Home Thermometers on their website.

About QSM Diagnostics

Boston, Massachusetts-based QSM Diagnostics is fundamentally changing how infections are diagnosed and treated. The company’s patented technology allows veterinarians to provide better treatment for their patients and helps mitigate the spread of antimicrobial resistance by making testing faster and easier. QSM’s products also increase pet owner engagement and improve drug administration compliance by educating and involving owners in their pet’s health. QSM diagnostics won multiple animal health industry awards, including the 2021 Animal Health Innovation Award and the 2022 Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize.

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