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Where to Watch (or Re-Watch) Mella on Shark Tank

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible support and enthusiasm that our Mella community has shown us during our recent appearance on Shark Tank. The encouragement and loyalty mean the world to us, and we couldn't be more thankful for each and every one of you.

For those who may have missed our episode on ABC, you can still catch us on your favorite streaming platforms! Whether you're a Hulu aficionado, an ABC loyalist, a YouTube TV enthusiast, or an Amazon Prime binge-watcher, Mella Pet Care is just a click away.

Here's where you can watch our Shark Tank episode:

  1. Hulu: Experience the excitement of our Shark Tank pitch on Hulu here.

  2. ABC: Relive the moment on ABC's website and catch up on Season 15, Episode 16 of Shark Tank here.

  3. YouTube TV: Dive into the world of Mella Pet Care on YouTube TV. Find our episode here.

  4. Amazon Prime Video: Snuggle up with your furry friends and stream our episode on Amazon Prime here.

Your unwavering support fuels our passion for creating innovative solutions for pet care, and we're honored to have you by our side. Together, let's continue to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners everywhere.

Thank you, once again, for your incredible support.

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Jesscia Carvin
Jesscia Carvin
4 days ago

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