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Why Mella’s Technology is the best for your pet

Sometimes, even the best pet parents don’t fully consider the benefits of buying a thermometer specifically for their pets. We often assume that a regular thermometer from the drug store will do the trick. But a thermometer for a pet is an integral tool in monitoring the health of your pet. It can be used to establish a baseline temperature for your pet, detect a fever, monitor your pet after an operation, detect overheating, safely breed, monitor a seizure, and even monitor your pet after vaccinations.

Additionally, most thermometers are designed for humans, and won’t accurately gauge the temperature of your pet. Oral thermometers don’t give accurate readings and infrared thermometers can’t penetrate your pets fur. This is where Mella, the first auxiliary (underarm) thermometer for your pet comes in handy!

Here are a few reasons why our Mella Pro and Mella Home products are the only thermometer that you’ll need for your pets:

Accuracy and Reliability

We use machine learning and clinical trials to train data and give you an accurate result every time you use our thermometer.

Precision sensors

Mella has three state of the art sensors that will take a much more accurate reading than any other thermometer on the market. This way, you can take your pet’s temperature with minimal contact. It’s a win for everyone!


Mella is super easy to use and can be integrated with your smartphone. That way, you can send your readings to your healthcare provider with one click!

With our Mella Pro and Mella Home thermometers, you can focus more on having fun with your fur baby and less about their well-being!

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