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Camilla Matos, USC MBA, Joins Mella Team

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hey there! My name is Camilla Mattos and I am a Mechanical Engineer and a second-year MBA Candidate at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Los Angeles around two years ago to start my MBA.

I have always been very curious. Since my childhood, I have loved to read and learn more about nature, science, and technology. As an Engineer, I feel very privileged to be witnessing so much innovation in the current technological revolution and knew I needed to contribute to it somehow. This path led me to USC Marshall and now to Mella.

When I was a child I had A LOT of animals. I grew up on a small farm and besides all the livestock I have had many dogs, turtles, ducks, birds of several sizes, and bunnies! When I was two, I asked my mom for a dog that would not grow up faster than me, so I could keep playing with them – I had two German Shepherds that became bigger and stronger than me super quick. She gave me Lili, a mini poodle who immediately became my best friend and lived 17 years. Taking her to the vet was always frustrating and stressful.

As a Product Manager Associate, I am excited to share my experience with design thinking and digital products to help Mella build the software that makes their devices come true. It is amazing to work at a company with a mission I care so much about, I am glad to use my time to impact the lives of our furry friends!

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