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Oia Eng, UChicago Student, Joins Mella Team

Hi! My name is Oia, and I’m a second year Economics major at the University of Chicago. Currently, I live in Toronto with my dog Sabi and newly adopted kitten Mavis, but have loved animals for as long as I can remember; my two sisters and I grew up with bunnies, catfish, frogs, hamsters, and lots of other pets. My interests are varied, ranging from social entrepreneurship to real estate investment, and Mella has been an amazing opportunity to explore a new aspect of the pet health space in a startup environment. From writing requirements and product testing to producing instructional videos and customer research, I’ve enjoyed every project and learned so much through this internship. Experiencing the warm company culture, genuine passion, and multi-dimensional thinking at Mella has truly been wonderful, and I’m excited to continue working with such a dedicated, talented team of entrepreneurs to pioneer and improve innovations in pet wellbeing!

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