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Mella Welcomes Nathan, VEA Fellow, To The Team

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hi There! My name is Nathan Debner and I am a second-year veterinarian at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. I grew up on a hobby farm in southeast Minnesota with horses, goats, cows, dogs and lots of cats (my personal favorite). My introduction to animal medicine started as a young boy working with my father who has been a practicing D.V.M for over 20 years.

Naturally, I was always asked as a young child if I would become a vet myself. Surprisingly, my answer originally was no. I started as a business major then later switched to biology and even had a career in the clinical lab sciences before entering the vet profession. I found that my career is a perfect balance between business, medicine, and sciences with the added bonus of working with cute animals.

To help further reach my goals in becoming a well-rounded veterinarian, I joined the Veterinary Entrepreneur Academy. VEA introduced me to Mella Pet Care and I am excited to bring my passion for animal welfare as we try to make a difference within the pet industry. In my free time I enjoy hiking the great outdoors, attending concerts, photography, or being on one of the many great lakes Minnesota has to offer. I am looking forward to my next big adventure hiking in the Wasatch Mountains this fall.

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