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Reasons Why Taking Your Pet's Temperature is Important - Breeding

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Everyone loves puppies, but a lot of hard work is needed to raise a healthy litter of dogs. Both the pup’s mother and the owner must put in time and effort to make sure all are healthy. When a dog is ready to give birth, also known as “whelping,” the mother can give pet owners some indication about when that will occur. Some signs include excessive panting, lack of appetite, behavioral changes, and most importantly, a decrease in temperature.

Prior to birth, a pregnant dog will undergo complex physiological changes as hormone levels fluctuate. This results in a decreased core body temperature approximately 24 hours before whelping. With the use of a thermometer, accurate temperature readings in a stress-free environment can help dog owners and breeders prepare for the birth.

In addition, thermometers can provide more information to pet owners post-whelping. An elevated body temperature in the mother may be indicative of complications. These could include things such as metritis, mastitis, or hypocalcemia. By knowing the dog’s temperature, breeders can help identify complications early on and seek medical help for their pet. Lastly, as caretaker to new puppies, a thermometer helps ensure that everything is going smoothly. It’s not easy raising a litter of healthy puppies, but knowing their temperature will surely help.

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