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Why Temperature Is Important? - Post-Vaccination Monitoring

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Shots can be good and bad. Most of the time they make us feel great, but sometimes, after a few hours we might start to feel sick from them. That’s why you should always monitor your pet’s temperature in case they have one too many at the vet, of course! It’s normal for them to have a mild fever the following day, but if you notice it dramatically increase or last longer than 48 hours they may be having an adverse reaction and you should call your vet again.

When your dog or cat is given a vaccination, their immune system goes into overdrive. It’s common for their temperature to rise slightly for the next 24 hours while their body responds. However, it’s important to monitor the temperature during this period in case it dramatically goes up or does not come down for over 24 hours. This could potentially indicate an adverse reaction and warrants another call to the vet.

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