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Temperature's Significance in Seizure Monitoring: Why It Matters

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Seizures in our furry friends can be quite scary. Sadly, many owners face the reality that their pet has undergone seizures in the past and may undergo another episode at any moment. Even more disheartening is the reality many of these seizures are for unknown reasons and not always preventable. If your pet is experiencing seizures, seek medical help by a trained veterinarian. Their advice is crucial in providing proper care for your animal on an individual basis.

Seizure activity is traumatic for an owner to watch, but also has a major impact on the animal's body. This includes a dramatic increase in core body temperature. Specifically what you as a pet owner should do to address these issue in core body temperature should be discussed with the veterinarian. However, Mella’s thermometer provides a simple, quick and accurate solution to monitor your pets temperature.

There are some key feature of Mella that are largely beneficial in situations dealing with seizures. The ability to store data on temperature reading for specific pets and the speed in which Mella can accurately measure your pets temperature are greatly advantageous. Also of importance in knowing your pets temperature has returned to normal. Continuous cooling of pet that has a normal body temperature can create further medical problems. If you are assisting in the fight against seizures your pet is experiencing, make sure to utilize all the tools available at your disposal. Mella’s thermometer can help insure you and your pet can return to normal and get back to doing the things you love.

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