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Download The Mella
Health App

Use the Mella Health app for accurate results and track your pet's health. 


Download the mobile Mella Health App by searching "Mella Health" from the App Store or Google Play

Download on the App Store
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Coming soon to the Mac App Store

How do I take my pet's temperature using Mella?

  1. Click the thermometer button once to turn it on

  2. Allow Bluetooth to connect - the app will tell you when pairing is complete

  3. Put the thermometer in your pet’s armpit

  4. Click the button one more time to start measuring

  5. Watch the temperature go up on the app - the measurement should be done in 10-15 seconds

What is the right placement for measurement?

  • Use Mella on any of the pet's 4 legs!

  • From a standing perspective, place the thermometer parallel to the leg and up into the armpit

  • There is no need to apply additional pressure, although it is helpful for the pet's leg to be closed


How do I connect my device?

Bluetooth Required
When prompted, please select ‘Allow’ for the Mella App to use to the Bluetooth of your phone. Your Bluetooth must be enabled for your Mella Home to connect.

How do I add a new pet?

Switching from Rectal to Axillary

The default when you turn on the thermometer is the rectal reading as you will see that there's an R on the digital display of the thermometer.


Click the thermometer button twice until this R turns to an A. This change will reflect in the app and will be the axillary setting.

Cleaning and cooling off your thermometer

The device is water resistant, but cannot be submerged. Most sterilizing wipes or spray cleaners are effective in cleaning the thermometer. If you need to cool down Mella try waving it in the air or wiping the tip with a cool damp washcloth.

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Need more help?

Check out our step by step guides.



  • How can I use Mella in my practice?
    Simple - just purchase the Mella Device (It’s on pre-order and expected to be released by the end of the year). Then download the app and create an account. If you are a Vetspire customer it will ask you to put in your API key to be able to communicate with your Vetspire installation. Please look on our website for a 30 second video on how to use Mella in your practice with Vetspire
  • How do I communicate this to my clients?
    AllyDVM communication channel, email list, etc
  • How do I use Mella on cats and dogs?
    1. Plug in the axillary tempertaure sensor 2. Place sensor between foreleg and torso 3. Turn on the device to take the temperature
  • How much time will this really save me?
    By adopting the best practice of sending the axillary temperature reading directly to the patient exam record for that patient in Vetspire, it should save you up to five minutes per pet. Best of all you do not need two people as you did previously with rectal temperature. Mella Pro is comfortable and safe to administer by one person
  • If I have any problems, who do I reach out to?
    Email us at
  • Do I need to enter each patient's information prior to taking their temperature?
    You do not need to enter each patient's information prior. This can be done afterward.

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