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Mella in the Tank

Shark Tank Mella Pet Care
Shark Tank 2024
Mark Cuban

"I am excited to partner with Mella Pet Care and support their mission of improving the lives of pets and pet owners,” Cuban said. “Their innovative product line aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of today's pet-centric society. Together, we will disrupt the pet care industry and bring forth solutions that empower pet owners and enhance the well-being of our beloved four-legged friends.”

- Mark Cuban

The World's First Accurate Underarm Pet Thermometer

Fear Free Certified
Underarm Thermometer

Mella Pro Thermometer

Vet Tools

Mella takes pet's temperature and can be seamlessly integrated into your practice management system.

Professional Underarm Thermometer
Dog Thermometer
Pet Thermometer

Mella Home Thermometer

Take your pet's temperature fear free and view results on your smart device. The data is automatically recorded and ready to be shared with your vet.

Dog Scale
Cute Biggie
Tape Measure
Mella Product Bundle

Biggie Body Scale & Tabby Tape Measure

Innovative approach to monitoring your pet's wellbeing. Order the Biggie scale and get a discounted Tabby Tape Measure.

Non Invasive Thermometer




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Fear Free

Clinical Trials

Clinically Tested

Mella Pet Care desktop pet health care app

The Mella Health App

Mella pet health care app

For seamless data tracking and an ability to send vital signs information to any practice management system.

Required for accurate temperature prediction.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
Microsoft Windows Store
Mac App Store
Mella Premium

Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate your practice management system with the Mella Health App. Save and transfer data from your readings.

Mella Pro Pet Thermometer

Coming Soon To The Mella Ecosystem

Mella Friends
Mabel Bowl
Charlie Chip Reader
Possum Pulse Oximeter

Possum Pulse Oximeter

Charlie Chip Reader

Mabel Smart Bowl Mat

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Pet health care news
Alex Schecter

"I know all of my patients will be extremely happy with this stress free technology"

Alex Schechter, DVM


"Nobody wants to be sticking anything up an animal’s butt, especially not the animal."

Susie Teran

Cat Mom

"I wish Mella Pro were around when my kitty was running a fever."

Tennille Teague, Founder, Jaxx Hound and Pet Parent

Kim Cross

"The Mella Pro would be perfect for screening parvo at our facility"

Kim Cross, President, Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit

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