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Ethan Wolfe-Baker, UChicago Student, Joins Mella Team

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

My name is Ethan Wolfe-Baker and I am a first year Economics major at the University of Chicago. I was born in Gainesville, FL and have lived in Central Florida my whole life, up until recently. I grew up on somewhat of a farm, with horses, birds, dogs, cats, and fish. I have a passion for investment analysis and business development, and I'm looking forward to learning more about both subjects in the coming years.

I’m interested in business development and investment analysis because I like learning about businesses on a monetary level. By examining and understanding a company, you can determine whether or not to buy their shares. By doing the same to a business, you can determine where their potential for growth and avenues of revenue lie. I find the two fascinating, and I’m excited to apply my passion for these two subjects to my work for Mella.

I have other interests as well. Growing up, my two favorite activities were reading and playing soccer and they’re activities that I love to this day. I also love finding good restaurants in downtown Chicago, especially sushi restaurants. Chicago is so different from what I’m used to. It’s been wild to move to come to school in such a large city, having come from a somewhat rural area. I’m astounded everyday by how many people there are in such a small area, but it’s been an amazing experience so far. I’ve been able to learn so much, and meet so many new people.

I’m excited to be able to work with some of these new people I’ve met at Mella Pet Care, where I’ll be working as a Business Development and Analysis Intern as part of the Metcalf Internship program through the University of Chicago. I believe in Mella’s product, and I’m looking forward to helping Mella grow.

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