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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Based in Ferndale, Washington, UKUSCAdoggie specializes in unique supplies and accessories for dogs and cats.  While we pride ourselves on providing savvy pet owners with something a little different, we also do our best to keep our customers informed when it comes to new technologies designed to enhance the experience of pet ownership.

When we recently learned about Mella Pet Care’s innovative technology which would enable pet parents to keep better track of their pet’s health, we were intrigued and certain that this would be something that our customers would definitely appreciate.

As pet parents ourselves, we know just how frustrating it can be wondering if your dog is just a little hot or if something more sinister is going on and you should whisk him off to the vet! How often has your dog or cat appeared lethargic or all of a sudden he or she seems to have gone off that exciting new kibble he loved so much just a few days ago? Then, there’s his nose – is it warm and dry or nice and moist, or maybe he’s coughing a little more than usual. There are so many different symptoms that might signal a big problem, but could also be totally benign. It really can be hard to tell sometimes!

With their easy to use technology, Mella takes the guesswork out of the equation, providing you with all the answers you need to make a more informed decision before you head out the door, and with vet bills on the rise, that’s a definite plus! 

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, the company enables pet owners to easily track their pet’s temperature, offering greater insight into their pet’s health. Smartphone-enabled, the technology encompasses a first generation thermometer, where accurate readings can be achieved via your pet’s foreleg without having to go anywhere near a standard rectal thermometer, which is definitely a good thing for both you and your pet!  This innovative software is useful, not just for detecting a fever, but it can also be a great tool when it comes to breeding and for monitoring various conditions such as epilepsy, hypothermia and overheating. Another useful application is  to monitor your dog or cat’s progress after surgery and thus avoid any issues that might present.  Non-rectal and non-invasive, the smart thermometer pairs with your mobile and smartwatch app, as well as with patient management systems, so the technology could easily be adopted by your pet’s vet, making consultations so much easier.

With their goal of becoming the “Apple” of pet care, we believe that Mella is well on their way to becoming just that with the launch of this innovative technology, and they are already working on other products, such as a body fat analyzer and other vital sign monitoring devices. All applications that will offer pet owners greater peace of mind when it comes to their pet’s health, and in doing so, strengthen the bond between man and beast.

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