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Top Pet Brands Supporting Your Pup During the Pandemic: A Comprehensive List

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

With 2021 just beginning, we are all looking back on a year full of surprises, changes, and growth. 2020 was a historic year centered around health and research. People around the globe were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, whether that be directly or indirectly. As the majority of aspects of 'normal' life have had to adapt, we've witnessed a growth of community, support, and love. One area that was drastically impacted was the veterinary industry. Visits were limited, clinics and hospitals turned belly-up from the crashing economy, and even some treatments and surgeries were no longer deemed essential. Animals all over the globe we're taking the brunt of these changes.

With Covid looming upon veterinary clinics and pet parents all over the world, many pet health brands have come up with solutions to ease the worries and pains during this time. For instance, Mella Pet Care is the industry's first axillary (under arm) thermometer. Rather than enduring the struggles that come with the rectal thermometer, this product reads the patient's temperature without discomfort and invasion. This drastically eases and speeds up veterinary appointments and can also be used at home. Mella strives to be on the front line of creating a fear-free environment for pets.

Another brand that is helping the industry during these unprecedented times is Snout. Snout is building out their portfolio of physical and behavioral health products that are geared towards helping the struggles that shelter dogs most commonly come home with. Their flagship product, now out for trial/soft launching, is called 'heal meals'. Heal meals are the veterinary-recommended solution to GI issues or loss-of-appetite problems due to stress. These pre-packaged meals of bland human food (boiled chicken or beef with rice and veg) takes out the hassle of 'meal prepping' this prescription diet for the 3-7 days that the veterinarian recommends.

This blog post was written by a Co-Founder of Snout, Amanda Massey. Want to learn more? Interested in joining their soft launch? Contact the founders, Amanda and Sarah Massey, at, or follow them on Instagram at @wearesnout.

Hopefully this article has given you hope that the veterinary industry is getting back up onto their four paws. Companies like Mella and Snout have grown with the pandemic so that veterinarians and pups all around the world are supplied with new technology during these uncertain times.

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