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The Story Of Bruder The Happy Hound

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

There are so many reasons to adopt a pet.  For our family, we wanted our children to experience the joys of growing up with a dog, creating a sense of responsibility and to know the unconditional love a pet can give.   

Our Journey to Bruder

On July 30th 2018 we purchased our dream home and within hours our boys ages 3 and 5 at the time asked “when can we get a dog?”  After settling into our new home in March of 2019 I began our search for our family pet.  I primarily used Facebook for my search when I saw a post from a local rescue.  A litter of 6 puppies, 5 females and 1 male along with their mom were transported from South Carolina to Vermont.  I reached out enquiring about the male puppy in the litter and was sent a photo of an adorable Blue Tick Coon Hound mix.  I immediately fell in love having grown up with a Coon Hound, and knowing what a wonderful loving dog they can be.

Within days we had a pick up date and time scheduled.  While the boys were in school on May 10th 2019 we drove to Bruder’s foster home in Massachusetts and picked up our 8 week old puppy.

Bruder was home with us for about a week when we began to notice something was wrong.  He had constant diarrhea and he appeared uncomfortable.  One evening Bruder had a loose bowel movement and I discovered a large amount of blood surrounding and inside of his stool.  We contacted our vet’s office, who asked us to bring Bruder in along with a stool sample for testing.  Our vet quickly determined Bruder had the worst case of Hookworm he had ever seen. Over the course of the next two months we would bring Bruder back to the Vet multiple times to ensure he was gaining weight and check his stool samples for the worms.  In July we received the good news that Bruder was worm free.  Hookworms are common in dogs especially those that live in warmer climates but to see our sweet boy so uncomfortable for so long was heartbreaking.

Over the course of the past year we have learned that Bruder is unable to tolerate oral flea and tick medication.  Late one night we rushed Bruder to the Emergency vet because he was vomiting, shaking, and  lethargic.  After several tests came back negative, the Emergency Vet concluded that he has an intolerance to these preventative medications.  We have since worked with our vet to ensure Bruder remains flea and tick free.

We have also learned that Bruder is allergic to bees.  He is a curious puppy and enjoys exploring our yard and many gardens.  Unfortunately Bruder has met his match with the honey bees that also enjoy our property.  Bruder has experienced swelling, vomiting, labored breathing and lethargy.  Now when stung by a bee, Bruder requires medication to return his breathing back to normal.

Through all of these medical situations with Bruder, I wish that we had the tools at home to monitor his health and to be able to provide our vet with as much information as possible to assist with a diagnosis. 


For each of us Bruder brings something special to our lives. My boys have a playmate who never runs out of energy, a reading buddy, and a constant sidekick.

Jason, who is now working from home, has a buddy to keep him company and to supervise his work.

For me, Bruder has become my 4-legged best friend.  

I suffer from severe anxiety. I would often find myself staying home in order to avoid stressful situations.  Having Bruder has pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone.  We take long walks, and weekly hikes with a group of friends and our pups.  Having Bruder has pushed me to focus on my own health and wellbeing.  Since Covid and the stay at home orders, I have found my anxiety increased due to being a health care worker.  Being able to come home to Bruder, take him for a walk or just have my sweet 60lbs pup climb in my lap to snuggle has helped me cope with this difficult time which has been an amazing gift.

What Bruder has brought to our family is more joy and love than we could have imagined.  He’s living his best doggy life and every day I wonder who really rescued who.

Bruder was inducted into the Mella Hall of Fame.


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