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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Brooke and her boyfriend, like many couples, had a goal of getting a dog together. Unfortunately, raising a new dog is a huge time commitment, and it seemed like life wasn’t going to present the perfect opportunity for adoption. However, after COVID-19 drastically changed work life, loving dogs were placed into new homes at astounding rates. This is how Tanner, a one year old chihuahua mix, crossed paths with Brooke.

(Tanner on his way home from being adopted)

Brooke didn’t plan to meet Tanner at the rescue shelter.  Her initial impression of him was that he was shy and reluctant. Yet, after a few treats and calming reassurance, Brooke came to love Tanner’s unique character. He was understandably just nervous in the shelter environment. Without a question, Tanner was the dog for them. He is brave, trusting, curious, goofy, unbearably cute, and has many unique quirks. 

Shortly after his adoption, Tanner developed a hacking cough. Brooke had no prior understanding of Tanner’s normal behavior or his previous medical conditions. Like any good pet owner, she poured over countless websites to help her understand the severity of his illness. Her research led her to realize the importance of temperature data in helping to differentiate coughs in dogs.

Tanner when he wasn’t feeling well :(

Brooke searched for a way to take Tanner’s temperature, refusing to use a rectal thermometer. She knew that an invasive temperature reading would increase his timid behavior. She purchased a human infrared thermometer to aim within Tanner’s ear. Not surprisingly, a thermometer designed for humans using obsolete technology led to inaccurate results. The temperature readings were 10 degrees below normal, and Brooke knew Tanner’s core temperature had to be higher.

It was a frightening situation for both Brooke and Tanner. Her newly adopted dog was sick, and there was no way to accurately get his temperature in a non-invasive manner. Tanner was brought to a veterinarian and diagnosed with a respiratory infection. He was treated with cough suppressants and antibiotics, but sadly, this was not the last time that the newly homed chihuahua mix needed medical help. Shortly after his initial treatment, Tanner became lethargic and had bowel issues. Brooke still faced the challenge of getting an accurate temperature reading. After being brought to the emergency room, her sweet dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

Tanner, being Tanner

Today, Tanner is healthier than ever and lives a wonderful life with Brooke and her boyfriend. Medical situations regarding your pet’s health can be terrifying and stressful. It is certainly something that Brooke has faced and hopes to avoid in the future. She wished Mella’s thermometer was around when Tanner was suffering. Mella is exactly what she is looking for in a pet thermometer: accurate and non-invasive. These temperature readings can help pet owners determine if their pet is sick, as well as the severity of the illness. In fact, Brooke plans on checking Tanner’s temperature quite frequently when Mella launches.

Brooke wants to make sure that Tanner can continue to do the things he loves. He enjoys his walks and has a nightly routine of jumping on her bed with his toy. Brooke would love to encourage other pet parents to get their own Mella thermometer. It will help you take care of your pet when you face difficult medical situations!

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