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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Dr. Carol Thompson, a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience, is the owner of a small animal practice called Thompson’s Veterinary Center in Wales, Florida. Dr. Thompson and her team pride themself on promoting a “Fear Free” environment within the clinic while providing the best patient care possible. When Dr. Thompson found out about Mella Pet Care’s axillary thermometer, she immediately signed up for a free trial and has since become a “Vital Vet” for Mella. The Vital Vet program allows veterinary professionals early access to Mella products and provide crucial feedback to help with product development. As a part of our Vital Vets program, Dr. Thomas shared with us:

“As a Fear Free - certified practice, we don’t want to take rectal temperatures unless we have to,” Thompson states. “(with the Mella Pro) We can take temperatures without being invasive.”

Whenever Dr. Thompson sees an opportunity to help her team provide better care, she acts on it. That is one of the many reasons why her clients -who vary from typical pet owners to renown breeders-  all know Dr. Thompson is an extraordinary medical provider who cares deeply about her patients. Given her 30 years of experience, she knows the pains of rectal temperature readings and has even tried to address these problems in the past.

“Pet owners know rectal temperatures are not the most comfortable way to do it.” “We have used past technology, but it just wasn’t accurate.”

Mella’s thermometers are unique due to machine learning technology, which controls variables present in each pet. These include breed, age, and many other factors. By controlling these differences and using improved technology in medical devices, Mella provides the first accurate axillary (armpit) thermometer.

“Every time I take a rectal temperature, I think to myself ‘soon’.”

Dr. Thompson and her team at Thompson’s Medical Center plan on using Mella’s thermometer as soon as possible. The Mella Pro, which features our unique axillary temperature reading as well as auricular and rectal options, is scheduled for release December, 2020. Its integration into patient information management systems allows seamless tracking while saving veterinary professionals time and energy.

Thompson also has recognized the use of Mella’s technology outside of the vet clinic. Mella Home, an axillary-only thermometer designed for pet owners is something Dr.Thompson feels will help pet owners monitor their pet’s health.

“For breeders, Mella is a perfect product. For pet owners, it definitely has its place.”

Mella Pet Care hopes to help pet owners understand their pets' health while also aiding their medical provider to give the best possible care. The Mella Home is scheduled for release in early 2021 and will integrate with mobile devices and pet wellness platforms. Mella Home will allow pet owners to create pet profiles to track and share their pets temperatures.

To find out more about what Dr. Thompson and her team at Thompson’s Medical Center can offer, you can find her on the web at .

For veterinary professionals who are interested in receiving their Mella Pro, a current free trial is being offered. For pet parents who want help monitoring your pets health, a no-commitment pre order discount is being offered.

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