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Choose A Probe And Attach
To The Base

The Mella Pro includes 3 different probes: Infrared, Rectal, and Axillary. To attach a probe to the base. Place the probe on the base and twist to align the arrow to the front of the base. Make sure the probe is attached securely.






Creating An Account & Signing In

To create a new account, select “Create an Account”and then enter your information. Once you’ve entered your information select “CONTINUE”.

To sign in using your email select “Sign In With Email” and enter your email and password. You can choose to “Stay Signed In”. If you’ve forgotten your password you can select “Forgot” to reset your password.


Connecting Your Mella Pro

From the “Measure” screen you will see an icon on the top left corner that indicates if your device is connected. To connect, press the button on the Mella device. Make sure your bluetooth is enabled. Once your Mella device is connected the icon will turn blue.


Selecting A Pet & Measuring

First make sure you’re on the “Measure” screen. Then select the pet you’d like to measure by clicking on the pet photo or icon in the top right corner. If the pet has no profile you can select “Walk-In” or “+Add New Pet”.


To start measuring press the button on the Mella device once. You’ll see the number fluctuate on the app as Mella generates your results. Your results will appear as Actual and API.


Viewing Pet Profiles

Click “Pets” from the navigation at the bottom to view the list of pets you’ve created. Here you can add a new pet, search for an existing pet, or view a pet’s profile. You can also delete pets by swiping left on the pet you’d like to delete.


Pet Measurement History, Adding And Deleting Notes

Inside the pet’s profile you can view the history of measurements by table or calendar view. You can also view or add notes to each measurement. To delete a reading swipe left on the reading. To edit a pet’s information click on the pencil icon in the top right corner.


Entering Clinical Trial Mode

Go to your profile by clicking the "Profile" button on the bottom navigation. Then, click on the "Settings" button. Inside the "App Settings" under "Clinical Trial Mode" switch the button to on. Confirm you'd like to enter Clinical Trial Mode by selecting "Yes" or "Cancel" to return.



What PMS do Mella fully integrate with?

EzyVet and Vetspire

What if my PMS doesn't integrate?

Temperature readings and history will still be stored in either the Mella phone app or desktop app. Patient profiles will need to be uploaded to the Mella app to ensure greatest accuracy.

When will my patient management system be available for integration with Mella devices?

Mella is working to form partnerships with major patient management systems. We are also working on creating extensions and dongles for search engines so temperature readings can be uploaded to non-integrated PMSs with ease.


Is there any research validating Mella's use?

We've gathered around 4.5 million data points from Banfield records to establish average baseline temperatures for various breeds and physical attributes. We tested that data's accuracy with our own internal studies, and then validated that new data with additional clinical testing. We are seeking collaborative parternships and peer-reviewd trials to further validate our machine learning model.

Why can't I just use a normal thermometer?

Human FDA cleared thermometers have a 0.5°C error margin when used rectally for pets. Using a normal thermometer in the pets underarm region can cause over a degree and a half of error. Mella provides the highest accuracy for underarm measurements in pets!

How accurate are Mella's thermometers?

Using the axillary probe, we can predict a pet's internal temperature to within 0.5 degrees which falls inside FDA regulations for human thermometers.


How long does the battery last?

There is no true battery. The thermometer runs on an ultra capicitor. You can take up to 50 measurements before needing to recharge.

How fast does it charge?

Thermometers fully charge in less than five minutes.

What more can you tell me about the base module?

The pawprint wireless charging base module is USB-powered. It will charge the thermometer when plugged into a computer and working, and when plugged simply into a charging outlet.

Should I leave the thermometer in the base module whenever I'm not using it?

The thermometer does not need to be inserted into the base at all times.

Using Mella

How long will the axillary measurement take?

15 second readings, a 30 second setting is available for even more accurate results

How snug does the axillary probe need to be in the proper regions?

The weight of the animals leg gently resting close to its body is enough pressure around the probe. Standing postion or lateral recumbency is best.

Is it easy to use the thermometer?

Yes!! After your account and desired pet is set up on the Mella app, ensure that bluetooth is enabled. Once ready, taking a temperature is as easy as inserting the probe correctly into the matching region and clicking a button! Readings are sent directly to your app and no longer need to be remembered!

What is the temperature range on the Mella Pro?

35-45 celsius or 95-113 fahrenheit

How do I clean Mella?

The device is water resistant, but cannot be submerged. Most sterilizing wipes or spray cleaners are effective.

Is it sturdy and drop proof?

Mella was designed with ease of use and a busy work environment in mind. It can certainly be in a bag with other equipment or knocked around.

What's a safe temperature to store/keep the thermometer?

Anywhere out of direct sunlight that is within 20 degrees Fahrenheit above and below room temperature.

Is your goal to enable connectivity with someone’s own vet or an outsourced vet?

The temperature readings are stored under the pet's profile under time and date in the mobile app. So the owner could present this information easily to any vet in any circumstance.

Why do I need Mella Pro when I haven’t had a problem with rectal thermometers before?

Because we all know that temperature taking is the least favorite part of the veterinary exam for everyone in the room. Mella Pro not only upgrades the hardware and technology of the conventional rectal thermometer to be more efficient and reliable, it upgrades the entire experience that comes with it. So your technicians, patients and pet parents will thank you

The App

Do I need to use the app?

You can use it without the app, but the accuracy for the axillary temperature will be reduced (by around 1 degree celsius) as the intelligence of the algorithim takes into account the pet characteristics inputted into the app.

Does the device my app is on need bluetooth enabled?

Yes. Bluetooth is required to use the app and provide the most accuraate predicitons.

Does the device my app is on need internet connection?

Yes. Phones need access to wifi or cell service and computers need internet access.

What systems are compatible with the Mella app.

Windows, Mac, Android, and iphone.

Is my patients temperature data saved automatically?

Yes, successful bluetooth connection allows the reading to be stored on our apps even if the device is not connected to the internet.

If Mella disconnected, how do i recconnect?

Turning on the thermometer automatically connects it via bluetooth to a recognized device. if connection is lost while on, wait a few moments and click the reading button again to connect.

As someone who is interested in protecting clinic data what are your security practices around the PII?

User and patient privacy is of utmost importance to us. We have created HIPAA-compliant mobile health devices as well as GDPR-compliant mobile apps in our past startups and will be adopting the same best practices


What does "E11" mean?

The E11 is an error message. This means that the probe disconnected or is not attached properly. Reattach the probe securely to fix the error message.


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